Call for Applications

The National Center for Research in Geography Education is organizing a network of geography researchers and teachers to advance the Powerful Geography initiative in different states.

As previously reported in the AAG newsletter here and here, Powerful Geography is teaching to support and encourage the geography career intentions and civic engagements of an increasingly diverse student body. The project applies recommendations from educational research that emphasizes the importance of understanding student aspirations and attitudes for growing and diversifying participation in STEM disciplines and workforces.

We seek applications from state cohorts of geography educators and researchers to participate in a workshop and subsequent NSF research proposal in fall 2023. The workshop will be held in San Marcos, TX on September 16 or September 23, 2023. We can accommodate online participation via Zoom if travel is not possible.

Prior to the workshop, each cohort will conduct a brief survey to acquire data on the life and career aspirations of their students. Participants will consider this information at the workshop and collaboratively create instructional materials that teach students how they can use geography to participate in civic issues and prepare for jobs and careers that interest them.

To support their work, each state cohort will receive resources developed for the Powerful Geography website, the AAG’s Professional Journey website and Guide to Geography Programs, and other sources about professional geographers and college and career opportunities. The outcomes of this collaboration will directly support the development of an NSF proposal involving the workshop participants. Materials will be published on the Powerful Geography website and shared with AAG committees for Healthy Departments and Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI).

Competitive applications will include a geography teacher (middle school or high school), a 2- or 4-year college or university geographer involved in teacher training, and a Geographic Alliance coordinator. Selected applicants will receive funding to attend the workshop in San Marcos, TX and post-workshop activities.

To apply, please submit the following materials to the attention of Drs Michael Solem and Richard G. Boehm at by August 25, 2023:
> A one-page statement of interest in doing Powerful Geography. The statement should a) identify the student populations that will be reached by Powerful Geography, b) indicate the date when applicants are available to attend the workshop in San Marcos or via Zoom (September 16, September 23, or either date), and c) express a commitment to working collaboratively on a grant application coordinated by the National Center for Research in Geography Education.
> A brief (1-2 page) CV/resume for each individual on the application.

About the National Center for Research in Geography Education
The National Center for Research in Geography Education (NCRGE) is a research consortium with headquarters at the American Association of Geographers and Texas State University. Funded by grants from the National Science Foundation, private foundations, and other agencies, NCRGE works to build capacity for transformative research in geography education.