The current status of learning progressions research in the U.S. was the focus of a recent GeoProgressions panel and workshop at the AAG Annual Meeting in Chicago. Those sessions revealed for the participants that a “learning progression” in education and educational research can take many forms, as can the ways learning progressions have been applied with students in classrooms. The picture becomes even more complex when viewed from the perspectives of educators in different parts of world.

Sensing an opportunity to learn from the experience of a more diverse community of geographers and educational researchers, the GeoProgressions project aims to produce an edited volume exploring the concept of learning progressions in the context of curriculum development, teaching and assessment practices in different countries.

Application materials from prospective authors are due on July 31, 2015 (deadline extended from June 30, 2015) . The expected publication date for the volume is April/May 2016. For full details, download the official Call for Authors.

GeoProgressions is a project funded by the National Science Foundation to build capacity for learning progressions research in geography. Additional information is available at

Questions about the book and GeoProgressions project may also be sent to the project director, Dr. Michael Solem (