Earlier this summer the National Center for Research in Geography Education sent a survey to the research coordination network (RCN) in an effort to identify and prioritize new capacity-building activities and services aimed at catalyzing transformative research in geography education.

By “transformative research”, we refer to research designs characterized by one or more of the following qualities (these were discussed in a session during the AAG Chicago meeting):

  • Multi-site and/or replicable research design
  • Longitudinal research
  • Explores integrated learning in formal and informal settings
  • Considers issues of diversity and broadening participation
  • Identifies implications of research for contemporary educational policy
  • Involves educative curricula
  • Explores research issues across the educational continuum (from pre-K through high school, community colleges, four-year undergraduate and beyond)
  • Involves interdisciplinary methods and teams
  • Engages practitioners in research

Three activities emerged from the RCN survey as top priorities: 1) Open-access research clearinghouse, 2) Thematic research conferences and workshops, and 3) Peer-to-peer research fellowships.

An ad hoc committee was assigned to each priority area and charged with the task of developing an implementation plan. Their reports and recommendations (attached below) were presented on August 7 at the NCGE meeting in Washington, D.C.

The committee reports will be used to revise the RCN proposal for submission to NSF in early September. We will also begin to roll out these new programs in pilot form using some available funds. Other capacity-building ideas also received support in the RCN survey, and we will pursue them as additional resources become available.

We would like to acknowledge the support of the following individuals:

Research Conference and Workshop committee: Rebecca Theobald (Chair), Sarah Bednarz, Audrey Mohan, Doug Munski

Research Fellowship committee: John Harrington Jr. (Chair), Ken Foote, Lisa Keys-Mathews, Michael Scholz, and Joseph Stoltman

Research Clearinghouse committee: Osvaldo Muniz (Chair), Niem Tu Huynh, Alex Oberle


Michael Solem and Dick Boehm



NCRGE Clearinghouse Report_Final_August3_2015_T